What We Do

CapitalGroup operates as an investment firm rather than a holding company. We invest our own funds into every project to demonstrate our alignment and commitment to each investor.

Mezzanine and Structured Debt

CapitalGroup provides mezzanine debt facilities across all New Zealand real estate sectors. In working with us, clients benefit from our experience and long-standing relationships with senior debt lenders and a wide range of property professionals. Utilising our structuring expertise, we can secure 100% funding for projects.

The CapitalGroup team has a deep understanding of how property is financed. Each investment in our portfolio is independently managed and financed, meaning cash flow from one investment cannot be used in another. This provides our investor group with greater security and flexibility in meeting their individual investment criteria.

Equity Co-Investment

For well-founded projects that we assess will be successful, CapitalGroup can provide early phase funding to enable the developer to gain control and acquire the opportunity. This allows for key development requirements such as council consents, sales/leasing or construction contracts to be secured before more traditional development funding can be obtained.

CapitalGroup’s previous projects have ranged in value from $2 million to $300 million. Our contributions vary from $0.5 million to $20 million, but are usually between $2 million to $8 million.